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FOP Update - Week of July 26, 2021

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NATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE WEEKLY UPDATE 26 JULY 2021 WASHINGTON WATCH legislative update IN THE WAKE OF AMERICA S CRIME CRISIS SOME CITIES BEGIN RE FUNDING THE POLICE INSIDE Salute to the Brave January 6 Law Enforcement Officers PATRICK YOES National President Sign Up to Receive the FOP s Weekly Update JIM PASCO Executive Director

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This week the FOP reiterated the strong public position that we took on January 6 as the events unfolded at the U S Capitol condemning those who participated in the assaults looting and trespassing and calling for them to be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law The FOP continues to offer our support gratitude and love for all of our brothers and sisters in law enforcement who successfully fought off the rioters We vow to be with them as they grieve and recover however long that may take We d like to recognize the four officers who testified before the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U S Capitol for sharing their first hand accounts of that day We thank them for sharing their stories as they have ensured that history will not forget the heroic actions of and the sacrifices made by the men and women of law enforcement in defense of our way of life Officer HARRY DUNN Sergeant AQUILINO GONELL U S Capitol Police U S Capitol Police Officer MICHAEL FANONE Officer DANIEL HODGES D C Metropolitan Police Department MPD D C Metropolitan Police Department MPD FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE GLFOP FOPNATIONAL

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@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPREAD NATIONAL PRESIDENT YOES' LETTER TOREP. DELAURO REGARDING THE CJS BILLNational President Patrick Yoes spoke separately withRepresentative William J. Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ) andRepresentative Rosa L. DeLauro (D-CT) regarding variousprovisions in the House Commerce, Justice, and Science (CJS)appropriations bill. During both conversations, NationalPresident Yoes expressed the FOP's concerns with some of theprovisions, warning that they could have disastrous effects onthe ability of law enforcement agencies nationwide to copewith the exploding violent crime rate. LEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYF R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C ENational President Patrick Yoes worked out of the Governmentand Media Affairs Center in Washington, D.C. this week.

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@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPNational President Patrick Yoes and volunteers with the FOP'sDisaster Area Response Team (DART) received the new 53 ft.NASCAR style trailer, retrofitted with top-notch equipment anda commercial kitchen. They spent time testing its systems andreadied it for deployment. Special thanks to Jason Smith,James and Cooper Smallwood, Johnny Crumby Sr., AllenHerald, Scott and Paul Gerson, Al Finley, and Emil Braun forvolunteering your time!LEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYF R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C ENational President Patrick Yoes continued conversations withstakeholders and Congressional negotiators regarding criminaljustice reform proposals.

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@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPNational President Patrick Yoes joined CNN's Jake Tapper toclear up some confusion in the media and pundits as to wherethe FOP stands on the January 6, 2021 riots. NationalPresident Yoes reiterated to Jake Tapper that the currentposition of the National FOP has not changed since our originalstatement condemning the rioters was released on January 6as the events unfolded. Those who participated in the assaults,looting, and trespassing must be arrested and held to account.The FOP continues to offer our support, gratitude, and love toour brothers and sisters in law enforcement who successfullyfought off the rioters, and has vowed that we will be with themas they grieve and recover, however long that may take.LEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYF R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C ENational President Patrick Yoes gave numerous mediainterviews in regard to the crime wave that many cities acrossAmerica are experiencing as well as criminal justice reform.National President Yoes also gave an interview to the NewYork Post regarding no-knock warrants.

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@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPLEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYF R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C EExecutive Director Jim Pasco spoke with Chiraag Bains,Special Assistant to the President for Criminal Justice Policy,regarding criminal justice reform and pending law enforcementvacancies in the executive branch. Executive Director Jim Pasco spoke with U.S. HomelandSecurity Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas regarding illegalnarcotics trafficking, particularly across the southern border.Executive Director Jim Pasco spoke with John D. Cohen,Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Assistant Secretary forCounterterrorism and Emerging Threats within DHS, regardingthe expansion of DHS's task forces with State and local lawenforcement.Executive Director Jim Pasco spoke with Associate AttorneyGeneral Vanita Gupta regarding Federal grant funding as wellas pending vacancies in the Office of Justice Programs (OJP)and the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services(COPS Office).

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@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPLEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYF R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C EExecutive Director Jim Pasco continued the dialogue withSenate negotiators on criminal justice reform. The FOPcontinues to maintain our absolute commitment to thecontinuation of full qualified immunity and to use of forceguidelines that are consistent with Graham v Connor. The FOPhas not and will not take a position on draft legislation until wesee a document that both sides have agreed upon.Executive Director Jim Pasco gave numerous media interviews,most of which were regarding the FOP's position on pendingcriminal justice reform legislation, the crime wave taking placein major cities across the country, as well as the recruitmentand retention crisis many agencies are experiencing.

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@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPF R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C ELEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYSenior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson spoke with staff inthe office of Senator Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD) regarding S.2422, the “Bipartisan Solution to Cyclical Violence Act,” whichthe FOP supports, as well as draft legislation that wouldauthorize Federal grants for State, local and tribal governmentsto establish or maintain programs that provide protection orassistance to witnesses in court proceedings involvinghomicides, serious violent felonies, serious drug offenses,gangs, or organized crime.Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson interacted withnumerous House and Senate offices regarding H.R. 4505, the“Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related AgenciesAppropriations Act.”Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson and LegislativeLiaison David Taboh continued the FOP’s outreach to theoffices of Representatives who were previous cosponsors ofthe “Social Security Fairness Act” in an effort to get thoseMembers to sign on again during this Congress.

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@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPF R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C ELEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYSenior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson and LegislativeLiaison Matt Brown represented the FOP on a conference callwith the Officer Safety and Wellness Working Group (OSWG),hosted by the COPS Office, regarding the lessons learned fromthe COVID-19 pandemic; continuity of operations in situationslike global pandemics which drastically reduce force strength;and the ongoing retention and recruitment issues in lawenforcement.Legislative Liaison Mark McDonald represented the FOP in azoom meeting with the White House Office of PublicEngagement and the White House COVID Equity Task Forceregarding the challenges facing law enforcement officers andleaders in the current environment, as it relates to COVID-19.Among those who participated in the meeting were Dr.Marcella Nunez-Smith, Chair of the White House COVID-19Equity Task Force; Trey Baker, Senior Advisor for PublicEngagement; and Chief Jeri Williams, Phoenix PoliceDepartment.

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@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPPresident Joseph R. Biden, Jr. delivered remarks laying out thenext steps in his Administration's effort to get more Americansvaccinated and combat the spread of the COVID-19 Delta Variant.F R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C ETHIS WEEK IN WASHINGTONPresident Biden is urgingState and local governmentsto give $100 to anyonenewly vaccinated against thecoronavirus, part of a pushto boost immunizations asinfections andhospitalizations rise with theswift spread of the deltavariant of the virus.

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@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPThe House considered and passed H.R. 4346 on a 215-207vote. The appropriations bill, which was transmitted to theSenate for further consideration, would provide FY 2022funding for the legislative branch, including the House ofRepresentatives and joint items. The bill would also provide$604 million in FY 2022 fundingfor the U.S. Capitol Police(USCP), which is an increase of$88 million from FY 2021. Itwould also allow for the USCP tohire up to 2,112 sworn officers.F R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C ETHIS WEEK IN WASHINGTONThe House Committee on the Judiciary's Subcommittee on theConstitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties held a hearingentitled: "The Need to Enhance the Voting Rights Act: Practice-Based Coverage."The House Committee on Homeland Security's Subcommitteeon Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, and Innovationheld a hearing entitled: "The Cyber Talent Pipeline: Educating aWorkforce to Match Today’s Threats."

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@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPREAD THE FOP'S MOST RECENT STATEMENTF R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C ETHIS WEEK IN WASHINGTONThe House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attackon the U.S. Capitol held its first hearing, entitled: "The LawEnforcement Experience on January 6th." Officer Harry Dunn andSergeant Aquilino Gonell of the United States Capitol Police (USCP)and Officers Michael Fanone and Daniel Hodges of the MetropolitanPolice Department (MPD), four of the hundreds of law enforcementofficers who heroically responded to the riots on January 6, testifiedbefore the Committee to share their first-hand accounts of that day.This week, the FOP reiterated the strong, public position we took then,on January 6 as the events unfolded, condemning those whoparticipated in the assaults, looting, and trespassing and calling forthem to be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.The FOP emphasized our continued support, gratitude, and love to ourbrothers and sisters in law enforcement who successfully fought offthe rioters, and we vowed to be with them as they grieve and recover,however long that may take.

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@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPThe Senate confirmed Gwynne A. Wilcox, on a 52-47 vote, andDavid M. Prouty, on a 53-46 vote, to be Members of theNational Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The NLRB hears unfairlabor practice cases brought by workers and unions andoversees private-sector union elections.The Senate voted 58-41 to confirm Todd S. Kim to beAssistant Attorney General for the U.S. Department of Justice'sEnvironment and Natural Resources Division (ENRD).F R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C ETHIS WEEK IN WASHINGTON

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@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPF R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C EFOP NEWSROOMNational Fraternal Order of Police VicePresident Joe Gamaldi joined Fox Business todiscuss how Americans feel about theskyrocketing violent crime rate across thecountry. National Vice President Gamaldi alsodiscusses how rogue... WATCH INTERVIEWFraternal Order of Police VP calls crime inUS ‘completely ridiculous’ [Fox Business]National President Patrick Yoes sent a letter toSenator Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD) and SenatorRoger W. Marshall (R-KS) in support of theirlegislation, S. 2422, the ”Bipartisan Solution toCyclical Violence Act”... READ MORES. 2422, the “Bipartisan Solution to CyclicalViolence ActThere seems to be some confusion in themedia and among paid law enforcement“experts” as to where the FOP stands on theJanuary 6, 2021 riots. While no one has askedus directly, we offer the following for theirinformation... READ MOREFOP Clears Up Confusion as to their Positionon January 6 RiotsNational President Patrick Yoes sent a letter toRepresentative DeLauro (D-CT), and copiedSpeaker Pelosi and Minority Leader McCarthy,regarding the potentially disastrous effect theHouse CJS appropriations bill... READ MOREFOP Warns Congress of PotentialConsequences that CJS Bill Will Have AmidExploding Crime

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@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPF R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C EFOP NEWSROOMMayor Muriel Bowser announced Wednesday aplan to add 170 officers to the MetropolitanPolice Department (MPD), a move that couldcost $11 million. According to a press release,MPD typically hires 250 officers each year.After the department's budget... READ MOREDC mayor hopes to add 170 officers to theMetropolitan Police Department [WUSA9]More than 500 law enforcement officers in theU.S. have died after contracting the coronaviruswhile on the job, according to recent data fromthe nation’s largest police union... READ MORE‘Public safety crisis’: Police union saysmore than 500 officers have died fromCOVID-19 [Washington Times]U.S. Senator Tim Scott said he’s hopeful anagreement on police reform will be reached butvowed that any final accord wouldn’t“demonize” the police, including allowingindividual officers to be sued in... READ MOREScott Hopeful on Police Reform, Says Can’t‘Demonize’ Officers [Bloomberg]DC Police Union chairman Gregg Pembertonargues misguided legislation on lawenforcement has resulted in more officersretiring nationwide... WATCH INTERVIEWCops have been attacked, demonized by citycouncils in major cities: DC Police Unionchair [Fox News]

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@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPSOCIAL SECURITYFight for Fairness! TellCongress to pass the "SocialSecurity Fairness Act."TAKE ACTIONFEDERAL OFFICERSTell Congress to support H.R.962, the "Law EnforcementOfficers' Equity Act."TAKE ACTIONLEOSA REFORMTell Congress to support the"LEOSA Reform Act."TAKE ACTIONPROTECT & SERVETell Congress to support thepolice and pass the "Protectand Serve Act."TAKE ACTIONQUALIFIED IMMUNITYTell Congress to OPPOSE theelimination of the establisheddoctrine on qualified immunity.TAKE ACTIONF R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C EFOP ACTION CENTERCOLLECTIVE BARGAININGTell Congress to SUPPORTcollective bargaining rights forpublic safety employees.TAKE ACTION

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Been Exposed?Are You Sick?READ MORE@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPREAD MOREThe National Legislative Office providedFOP members with information, releasedby the Food and Drug Administration,regarding an update to the variousactions the FDA has taken to combatCOVID-19. COVID-19 Information for Law EnforcementProtecting Public Safety and HealthFRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICEJULY 26:W W W . FO P C O V I D 1 9 . OR GThe National Legislative Office providedFOP members with information, releasedby the Department of Health and HumanServices, regarding an update to how“long-COVID” can qualify as a disabilityunder the ADA. JULY 27:F R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C ECOVID-19 ACTIVITY

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@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPF R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C EIn August 2021, the National Fraternal Order of Police will hold its 65th NationalConference and Exposition at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Hostedby Indianapolis Lodge #86, this event represents 106 years of professional lawenforcement experience for the largest and oldest law enforcement labororganization in the United States.The National Fraternal Order of Police holds a NationalConference every two years to set the goals andagenda for the organization. The business of the FOP isconducted, seminars are offered, Constitution & By-Laws are reviewed and changed, the Executive Board iselected, National Trustees and Committee Chairs reporttheir activities, and exhibitors from around the countryshowcase their products and services at our EXPO.Law enforcement officials from all over the country are expected to attend, includingpolice chiefs, administrators, sheriffs, training officers, fleet managers, federalofficers, corrections officers and procurement staff.CONFERENCE HOST INFORMATION & EVENING EVENTS65TH NATIONAL CONFERENCE

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FOP-TV PROGRAM GUIDEGrassroots Public Relations & Media Talk"Keeping Resilience Front & Center"Community and Media Relations Tool KitCRI TAC PartnershipFOP Nationwide HealthcareCollective Bargaining & ArbitrationCivilian OversightQualified ImmunityTune in every week for a new episode of FOP-TV where National FraternalOrder of Police leaders discuss new and relevant topics that are impactingour profession and important to leading our organization through theseturbulent times.@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPF R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C EWATCH PREVIOUS EPISODESFOP ON DEMAND

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The Collaborative Reform Initiative Technical Assistance Center (CRI-TAC)provides no cost, customized technical assistance solutions designed tomeet the unique needs of state, local, tribal, & campus law enforcementagencies throughout the U.S.The Office of Justice Programs (OJP) provides innovative leadership tofederal, state, local, and tribal justice systems, by disseminating state-of-theart knowledge and practices across America, and providing grants for theimplementation of these crime fighting strategies. The COPS Office awards grants to hire community policing professionals,develop and test innovative policing strategies, and provide training andtechnical assistance to community members, local government leaders, andall levels of law enforcement.VISIT WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATIONU.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICEOffice of Justice Programs@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPF R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C EVISIT WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATIONVISIT WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION

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@FOPNATIONAL@GLFOPThe Fraternal Order of Police is committed to improving theworking conditions of law enforcement officers and the safety ofthose we serve through education, legislation, information,community involvement, and employee representation. Our challenge to you is to have each and every FOP member inyour department, lodge, and State commit $5.00 a month to theNFOP PAC. Please contact the National Legislative Office to learnabout the various ways you can contribute to the NFOP PAC.The NFOP PAC is the power behindour organization's punch on CapitolHill, representing its members inthe most effective way possible. F R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C EPOLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEECAN YOU CHIP IN $5?DONATEClick Here

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