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FOP Update - September 10, 2021

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ANNOUNCEMENT: PASSING OF RICHARD BOYD@GLFO P @FOPN A T I ONALNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C EIn 1983 Brother Boyd was elected National President of the Fraternal Orderof Police, a position he held for four years. One of the most significantpieces of legislation the FOP successfully helped get passed during hisadministration as National President was the passage of the Fair LaborStandards Act. Brother Boyd's efforts resulted in the establishment of Statestatutes that supported educational benefits, and improved the working andliving conditions of police officers.Brother Boyd began his law enforcementcareer as an Oklahoma City police officer in1964. Over the next 20 years Brother Boydserved as a patrol officer, self-defensetrainer and supervisor in traffic, helicopter,and jail divisions. During his career, he notonly rose through the ranks to the rank oflieutenant but was instrumental in theformation of Oklahoma City Fraternal Order ofPolice Lodge 123. Brother Boyd was a chartermember of the lodge and served as Secretaryand local FOP President. Brother Boyd tookon difficult labor situations and controversiallegislative issues resulting in the FOP beingrecognized in Washington, D.C. as a majornational force in the labor movement.RICHARD A. "DICK" BOYDRICHARD A. "DICK" BOYDIt is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of PastNational President Richard A. "Dick" Boyd. We offer our most sincerecondolences to his family and friends. We ask that you please keep his wifeLana and their children in your thoughts and prayers.Source for Bio: Oklahoma Law Enforcement Hall of Fame

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HELP HUNDREDS OF OFFICERS IN NEEDLEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITY@G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C ENational President Patrick Yoes and FOP members whovolunteered to be part of the National FOP's Disaster AreaResponse Team (DART) continued to assist with the relief andremediation efforts to law enforcement families in Louisiana.

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National Vice President Joe Gamaldi joined Fox News' HarrisFaulkner to discuss the 20 years since the terrorist attacks onSeptember 11, 2001 and the current state of law enforcementin America, particularly the increase of violence against themen and women of law enforcement.LEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITY@G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C ENational President Patrick Yoes continued conversations withstakeholders and Congressional negotiators regarding criminaljustice reform proposals. National President Patrick Yoes gave numerous mediainterviews in regard to the crime wave that many cities acrossAmerica are experiencing, criminal justice reform proposals, aswell as the COVID-19 pandemic.

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LEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYExecutive Director Jim Pasco spoke with Chiraag Bains,Special Assistant to the President for Criminal Justice Policy,regarding criminal justice reform proposals as well as thevacancy of director at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,Firearms and Explosives (ATF).@G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C EExecutive Director Jim Pasco spoke with U.S. AssociateAttorney General Vanita Gupta regarding pattern and practiceinvestigations and possible remedies.Executive Director Jim Pasco spoke with John D. Cohen,Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Assistant Secretary forCounterterrorism and Emerging Threats within DHS, regardingthe growing concerns of domestic terrorism.President Joseph R. Biden,Jr. withdrew the nominationof David Chipman to serve asATF director this week amidbipartisan concerns about hispast gun control advocacy.

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LEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYExecutive Director Jim Pasco continued the dialogue withSenate negotiators on criminal justice reform and reiterated ourabsolute commitment to the preservation of the existingqualified immunity doctrine and use of force policies that areconsistent with Graham v Connor. The FOP has not and will nottake a position on draft legislation until all the negotiators haveagreed on legislative language.Executive Director Jim Pasco gave numerous media interviewsto discuss the FOP's position on pending criminal justicereform legislation, the nationwide increase in violent crime, aswell as the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on public safety.The National FOP believes in the science behind the COVID-19vaccines and that vaccinations work to prevent people frombecoming infected by or transmitting COVID-19. However, theNational FOP continues to believe that whether or not to acceptthe vaccine is a personal decision. READ THE FOP'S QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS:COVID-19 VACCINE MANDATES INPUBLIC-SECTOR EMPLOYMENT@G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C E

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LEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYSenior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson and LegislativeLiaisons Mark McDonald and Matt Brown participated in aconference call, hosted by the U.S. Department of Labor Officeof Public Engagement and Occupational Safety and HealthAdministration (OSHA), regarding President Biden’s plan tocombat the Delta variant and strengthen workplace safetythrough an Emergency Temporary Standard that OSHA isdeveloping. @G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C E#FOPSTRONG#FOPSTRONG

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THE WHITE HOUSEPresident Joseph R. Biden, Jr. announced a new plan torequire more Americans to be vaccinated. This sweeping newFederal vaccine policy will impact as many as 100 millionAmericans. Most Federal employees will soon be required to bevaccinated, without an option to instead get tested weekly.THIS WEEK IN WASHINGTON@G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C EREAD THE PRESIDENT'S EXECUTIVE ORDERREAD THE PRESIDENT'S REMARKSAll Federal employees and contractors will soon be required tobe vaccinated, with limited exceptions.Private employers with 100 or more workers will soon berequired to be vaccinated or tested weekly. Employers mustprovide paid time off for vaccination.About 17 million health care workers in hospitals, clinics andother facilities that accept Medicare and Medicaid paymentswill soon be required to be vaccinatedSome 300,000 employees of Federal education programs willsoon be required to be vaccinated.

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THE U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVESTHE UNITED STATES SENATEThe House was in a pro forma session this week.THIS WEEK IN WASHINGTONThe Senate was in a pro forma session this week.@G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C E

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COSPONSORS54214160H.R. 82The “Law Enforcement Officers’ Equity Act" would expand the definition of "lawenforcement officer" for salary and retirement benefits to include all Federal lawenforcement officers.The “Social Security Fairness Act” would repeal both the "Windfall EliminationProvision" and the "Government Pension Offset" in current Social Security law.The “Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act” would recognize the rightof law enforcement and other public safety officers to bargain collectively withtheir employers.LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS’ EQUITYSOCIAL SECURITY FAIRNESSCOLLECTIVE BARGAINING RIGHTSCOSPONSORS92516H.R. 3225COSPONSORS110S. 1888NOT YET INTRODUCED IN THE SENATECOSPONSORS176144H.R. 962COSPONSORS43329S. 1302TOP LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIES@G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C E+ 1 NEW

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The "LEOSA Reform Act" would amend the Law Enforcement Officers' Safety Act(LEOSA), which exempts qualified active and retired law enforcement officers fromlocal and State prohibitions on the carriage of concealed firearms, to ensure thatthese officers are able to carry in the same venues as civilian concealed carrypermit holders in areas like schools and national parks, as well as use publictransportation and extends the exemption to magazine capacity and would allowactive and retired law enforcement officers to access services at U.S. postoffices, Social Security Administration offices or Veterans Affairs facilities.LEOSA REFORMCOSPONSORS220S. 1610COSPONSORS47481H.R. 1210PROTECT AND SERVEThe "Protect and Serve Act" would make it a Federal crime to target a lawenforcement officer with an assault that results in seriously bodily harm or death.COSPONSORS23230S. 774COSPONSORS37414H.R. 3079MORE RESOURCES ON OUR LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIESFULL LIST OF LEGISLATION SUPPORTED BY THE FOPLEGISLATIVE PRIORITIES@G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C E

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In his most forceful pandemic actions andwords, President Joe Biden on Thursdayordered sweeping new federal vaccinerequirements for as many as 100 millionAmericans — private-sector... READ MORESweeping new vaccine mandates for 100million Americans [Associated Press]Police officer Moira Smith was the only femaleNYPD officer to die on Sept. 11, 2001. Twenty years after the terrorist attack, the menshe helped save and the... READ MORENYPD Officer Moira Smith remembered20 years later by the men whose lives shesaved on 9/11 [PIX11]A photo published in the Daily News showedPort Authority Police Officer ChristopherAmoroso helping a woman before he went backinto the WTC and was killed in the collapse...READ MOREWidow of 9/11 Hero Meets Woman HerHusband Rescued After 20 Years [NBC4]The National Fraternal Order of Police reportsthat as of midnight on 31 August, there havebeen 220 officers shot so far in 2021, 40 ofwhom were killed by gunfire. There have been67 ambush-style attacks... READ MOREUpdate: Law Enforcement Officers Shotand Killed in the Line of DutyFOP NEWSROOM@G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C E

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SOCIAL SECURITYFight for Fairness! TellCongress to pass the "SocialSecurity Fairness Act."TAKE ACTIONFEDERAL OFFICERSTell Congress to support H.R.962, the "Law EnforcementOfficers' Equity Act."TAKE ACTIONLEOSA REFORMTell Congress to support the"LEOSA Reform Act."TAKE ACTIONPROTECT & SERVETell Congress to support thepolice and pass the "Protectand Serve Act."TAKE ACTIONQUALIFIED IMMUNITYTell Congress to OPPOSE theelimination of the establisheddoctrine on qualified immunity.TAKE ACTIONFOP ACTION CENTERCOLLECTIVE BARGAININGTell Congress to SUPPORTcollective bargaining rights forpublic safety employees.TAKE ACTIONMAKE Y URVOICE HEARD@G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C E

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AS OF 31 AUGUST 20212021 OFFICERS SHOT AND KILLED40KILLED BY GUNFIRE220OFFICERS SHOTVIEW THE MONTHLY OFFICERS SHOT & KILLED UPDATE83OFFICERS SHOT IN67AMBUSH-STYLE ATTACKS— BREAKDOWN OF OFFICERS SHOT BY STATE —AlabamaAlaskaArizonaArkansasCaliforniaColoradoConnecticutDelawareFloridaGeorgiaHawaiiIdahoIllinoisIndianaIowaKansasKentuckyLouisiana912319703910011733444MaineMarylandMassachusettsMichiganMinnesotaMississippiMissouriMontanaNebraskaNevadaNew HampshireNew JerseyNew MexicoNew YorkNorth CarolinaNorth DakotaOhioOklahoma0622137121025811062OregonPennsylvaniaPuerto RicoRhode IslandSouth CarolinaSouth DakotaTennesseeTexasUtahVermontVirginiaWashingtonWashington, D.C.West VirginiaWisconsinWyomingAm. SamoaGuam2430205333042013000@G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C E

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Been Exposed?Are You Sick?READ MOREREAD MOREVIEW A STATE-BY-STATE BREAKDOWNThe National Legislative Office providedFOP members with information shared during a White House COVID-19Response Team press briefing, wherepublic health officials gave a generalupdate on the COVID-19 pandemic.COVID-19 Information for Law EnforcementProtecting Public Safety and HealthFRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICESEPTEMBER 7:W W W . F O P C O V I D 1 9 . O R GThe National Legislative Office providedFOP members with the President’sExecutive Order requiring Federalworkers to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Toview the Executive Order, please clickhere.SEPTEMBER 9:OFFICERS HAVE DIED DUE TO COVID-19AS OF SEPTEMBER 10, 2021COVID-19 ACTIVITYCOVID-19 Vaccine Mandates inPublic Sector EmploymentQUESTIONS & ANSWERSREAD THE FOP'S QUESTIONS & ANSWERS@G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C E

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VOLUNTEER DONATEBrothers & Sisters, The National FOP's Disaster Area Response Team (DART) has been deployed toLouisiana and is providing relief to Police Families who have been impacted byHurricane Ida. Many of these Officers and their families have lost their homes,businesses and more.As you are aware, the FOP supports various aspects of our member's needsthrough the Fraternal Order of Police Foundation (FOP Foundation). We areanticipating a multi-location, long-term, deployment for the NFOP DART teamsto rehab first-responders and remediate their homes in the area.The devastation in this region is far-reaching. Hundreds, if not thousands, of ourmembers have been displaced from their homes. We are anticipating one of thelargest requests for relief from our membership in this program's history. Aweeks-long deployment to this area will require hardworking volunteers andsignificant funding to sustain the needs of this community.We are asking State and local lodges, organizations, and individuals to consider Volunteering and Donating to the Foundation to help us ensure that the FOP canstand strong to help our members when they need us the most. After all, CopsHelping Cops is what this organization is all about! We are FOP STRONG!COPS HELPING COPS@G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C E

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FOP-TV PROGRAM GUIDEGrassroots Public Relations & Media Talk"Keeping Resilience Front & Center"Community and Media Relations Tool KitCRI TAC PartnershipFOP Nationwide HealthcareCollective Bargaining & ArbitrationCivilian OversightQualified ImmunityTune in every week for a new episode of FOP-TV where National FraternalOrder of Police leaders discuss new and relevant topics that are impactingour profession and important to leading our organization through theseturbulent times.WATCH PREVIOUS EPISODESFOP ON DEMAND@G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C E

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The Collaborative Reform Initiative Technical Assistance Center (CRI-TAC)provides no cost, customized technical assistance solutions designed tomeet the unique needs of state, local, tribal, & campus law enforcementagencies throughout the U.S.The Office of Justice Programs (OJP) provides innovative leadership tofederal, state, local, and tribal justice systems, by disseminating state-of-theart knowledge and practices across America, and providing grants for theimplementation of these crime fighting strategies. The COPS Office awards grants to hire community policing professionals,develop and test innovative policing strategies, and provide training andtechnical assistance to community members, local government leaders, andall levels of law enforcement.VISIT WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATIONU.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICEOffice of Justice ProgramsVISIT WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATIONVISIT WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION@G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C E

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PP CCThe Fraternal Order of Police is committed to improving theworking conditions of law enforcement officers and the safety ofthose we serve through education, legislation, information,community involvement, and employee representation. Our challenge to you is to have each and every FOP member inyour department, lodge, and State commit $5.00 a month to theNFOP PAC. Please contact the National Legislative Office to learnabout the various ways you can contribute to the NFOP PAC.The NFOP PAC is the power behindour organization's punch on CapitolHill, representing its members inthe most effective way possible. POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEECAN YOU CHIP IN $5?DONATEClick Here@G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C E

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328 MASSACHUSETTS AVE NE, WASHINGTON, D.C. 20002 ▪ PHONE: 202-547-8189 ▪ FAX: 202-547-8190WASHINGTON D.C. STAFFTIM RICHARDSONSenior Legislative Liaison JIM PASCOExecutive DirectorDAVID TABOHLegislative Liaison MARK MCDONALDLegislative Liaison JESSICA CAHILLPress Liaison MATT BROWNLegislative Liaison @G L F OP @ F O P NA T I O N A LNA T I O N AL F R A TE R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C E