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FOP Update - December 10, 2021

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LEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYNational President Patrick Yoes workedout of the National Headquarters inNashville, Tennessee this week.National President Patrick Yoes attended anAndrew Jackson FOP Lodge 5 meeting inNashville, Tennessee.National President Patrick Yoes gave numerous media interviews in regard tolaw enforcement line-of-duty deaths, the crime wave many cities acrossAmerica are experiencing, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic.National President Patrick Yoes participated in numerous marketingmeetings, both internally and externally.Executive Director Jim Pasco spoke with U.S. Homeland Security SecretaryAlejandro N. Mayorkas regarding domestic terrorism.Executive Director Jim Pasco spoke with Heather Fong, Counselor to theSecretary of Homeland Security, regarding U.S. Department of HomelandSecurity (DHS) legislative issues.

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Executive Director Jim Pasco spokewith U.S. Assistant Attorney GeneralKristen M. Clarke, Civil RightsDivision within the U.S. Departmentof Justice, regarding pattern andpractice investigations.LEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYExecutive Director Jim Pasco spokewith U.S. Associate Attorney GeneralVanita Gupta regarding civil rightsissues.Executive Director Jim Pasco spoke with John D. Cohen, Coordinator forCounterterrorism and Assistant Secretary for Counterterrorism and EmergingThreats within DHS, regarding domestic terrorism.Executive Director Jim Pasco spoke with Matt Klapper, Chief of Staff to theU.S. Attorney General, regarding DOJ priorities.

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LEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYExecutive Director Jim Pasco also gave numerous media interviewspertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccinations, and their impact on publicsafety. The National FOP believes in the science behind the COVID-19vaccines and that vaccinations work to prevent people from becominginfected by or transmitting COVID-19. However, the National FOP continues tobelieve that whether or not to accept the vaccine is a personal decision. Executive Director Jim Pasco gave numerous media interviews in regard tocriminal justice reform, the nationwide increase in violent crime, and the issueof rogue prosecutors failing to prosecute violent offenders.Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardsonspoke with staff in the office ofRepresentative Andre D. Carson (D-IN)regarding H.R. 3079, the “Protect andServe Act.”Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardsonspoke with staff in the office of Senator R.Jon Tester (D-MT) regarding S. 744, the“Protect and Serve Act,” as well aspending nominations.

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LEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYSenior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson and Legislative Liaison Matt Brownjoined a conference call with staff from the office of Representative BurgessOwens (R-UT) and a local FOP representative to discuss Public SafetyOfficers' Benefits Program (PSOB) legislation for those involved inclandestine lab raids.Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardsonand Legislative Liaison Mark McDonaldparticipated in a Zoom call with membersof the FOP's Federal Officers Coalition.

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THE U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVESTHIS WEEK IN WASHINGTONThe House considered and passed H.R. 4350, the “National DefenseAuthorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022,” on a 363-70 vote. This legislationwould authorize $768.1 billion in defense spending for fiscal year 2022. Thisauthorization measure will now go to the Senate, where it is expected to passat some point next week.The House considered and passed H.R. 2364, the “Synthetic Opioid DangerAwareness Act,” on a 411-14 vote. The legislation would require the U.S.Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to provide education andtraining related to synthetic opioids, including fentanyl and its analogues. Thelegislation also directs HHS to produce training materials to prevent exposureto synthetic opioids for first responders and others who are at high risk ofsuch exposure and disseminate the materials to ambulance transportpersonnel, local sheriff deputies, and other first responders and individuals inhigh-risk occupations.The House Committee on the Judiciary marked up and favorably reportedH.R. 4977, the “Better Cybercrimes Metric Act,” by voice vote this week. Thelegislation, which the FOP supports, would encourage local and Federal lawenforcement agencies to report cybercrimes to the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation (FBI). The legislation will now go to the House floor for a fullvote.

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THE UNITED STATES SENATEThe Senate considered and passed, on a 59-35 vote, a one-time measure tocreate a fast-track on the Federal debt limit increase. The ”ProtectingMedicare and American Farmers from Sequester Cuts Act,” S. 610, wouldallow the Senate to then pass, with a simple majority, legislation that wouldincrease the debt limit. U.S. Department of the Treasury Secretary JanetYellen has estimated that the debt limit will be reached by 15 December2021. This bill now heads to the President for signature. The Senate andHouse are expected to hold separate votes early next week on a bill thatwould increase the debt limit.THIS WEEK IN WASHINGTONThe Senate Committee on Rules and Administration held a hearing entitled“Oversight of the U.S. Capitol Police Following the January 6th Attack on theCapitol, Part II.” U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) Inspector General Michael Boltontestified and spoke to the USCP’s efforts to improve preparedness andprocedures to ensure the safety of those who work in and visit the Capitol.

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TOP LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIESCOSPONSORS57240183H.R. 82The “Law Enforcement Officers’ Equity Act" would expand the definition of "lawenforcement officer" for salary and retirement benefits to include all Federal lawenforcement officers.The “Social Security Fairness Act” would repeal both the "Windfall EliminationProvision" and the "Government Pension Offset" in current Social Security law.The “Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act” would recognize the right oflaw enforcement and other public safety officers to bargain collectively with theiremployers.COSPONSORS92819H.R. 3225COSPONSORS110S. 1888NOT YET INTRODUCED IN THE SENATECOSPONSORS228161H.R. 962COSPONSORS43733S. 1302+2 NEW+2 NEW

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LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIESThe "LEOSA Reform Act" would amend the Law Enforcement Officers' Safety Act(LEOSA), which exempts qualified active and retired law enforcement officers fromlocal and State prohibitions on the carriage of concealed firearms, to ensure thatthese officers are able to carry in the same venues as civilian concealed carrypermit holders in areas like schools and national parks, as well as use publictransportation and extends the exemption to magazine capacity and would allowactive and retired law enforcement officers to access services at U.S. post offices,Social Security Administration offices or Veterans Affairs facilities.COSPONSORS220S. 1610COSPONSORS51521H.R. 1210The "Protect and Serve Act" would make it a Federal crime to target a lawenforcement officer with an assault that results in seriously bodily harm or death.COSPONSORS23230S. 774COSPONSORS44495H.R. 3079MORE RESOURCES ON OUR LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIESFULL LIST OF LEGISLATION SUPPORTED BY THE FOP

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National President Patrick Yoes sent a letter toSenators Cantwell and Wicker to advise themof the FOP's profound concerns with thenomination of Gigi B. Sohn to serve as aCommissioner on the Federal... MOREFOP Announces Opposition to FCCNominee over Encryption ConcernsBipartisan Group of RepresentativesRequest Secretary of Defense Take Actionto Issue Credentials to DoD Civilian OfficersRepresentative Don Bacon—along with abipartisan group of Representatives—sent aletter to U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austinrequesting that he direct the... MOREA national police union leader says the uptick inshootings and ambush-style attacks targetingpolice this year is linked to growing hostilitytoward law enforcement... MORENational police union leader says erosionof respect fueling attacks on officers[Washington Times]Fraternal Order of Police National VP JoeGamaldi says liberal legislators andprosecutors are responsible for uncontrollablerise in crime... WATCHJoe Gamaldi: 'Liberal policies have led tothis high crime rate' [Fox News]FOP NEWSROOM

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FOP Announces Opposition to FCCNominee over Encryption ConcernsFOP NEWSROOMDistrict Attorney Larry Krasner’s recent remarksabout whether we are experiencing a crimecrisis are some of the worst, most ignorant,and most insulting comments... MOREMichael Nutter: Larry Krasner owes anapology to the 521 families of Philly’shomicide victims [Philadelphia Inquirer]The National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)said that law enforcement officers are facingmore and more ambush style attacks. TheTulsa FOP Chapter says that... MORELaw enforcement officers are facingmore and more attacks, NationalFraternal Order of Police says [Fox 23]Secretary of Homeland Security SecretaryAlejandro N. Mayorkas and others metyesterday with industry leaders in technology,business, and cybersecurity to discuss... MOREDHS Secretary and Top CybersecurityOfficials Meet with Silicon Valley Leadersto Stress Cybersecurity Priorities [DHS]Rep. Ted Budd and North Carolina’s GOPcongressional delegation warned PresidentBiden that the White House’s national vaccinemandate could yank police officers... MOREEXCLUSIVE: Ted Budd warns that Bidenvaccine mandate will cause police officershortage [Washington Times]

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SOCIAL SECURITYThis is About Fairness! UrgeCongress to Pass the "SocialSecurity Fairness Act."TAKE ACTIONFEDERAL OFFICERSSupport Our Federal Officers byPassing the "Law EnforcementOfficers' Equity Act."TAKE ACTIONLEOSA REFORMSupport Active and Retired LawEnforcement Officers by Passingthe "LEOSA Reform Act."TAKE ACTIONPROTECT AND SERVEUrge Congress to Protect OurPolice Officers and Pass the"Protect and Serve Act."TAKE ACTIONVACCINE MANDATESWe Must Keep Our COVID-19Heroes Employed! TellCongress to Pass S. 3079! TAKE ACTIONFOP ACTION CENTERCOLLECTIVE BARGAININGWe Must Fight for the Right toBargain Collectively! UrgeCongress to Pass H.R. 3225.TAKE ACTION

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Been Exposed?Are You Sick?READ MOREREAD MOREVIEW A STATE-BY-STATE BREAKDOWNThe National FOP provided memberswith updated information that wasshared during a White House COVID-19Response Team press briefing, wherepublic health officials gave a generalupdate on the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 Information for Law EnforcementProtecting Public Safety and HealthFRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICEDECEMBER 6:W W W . F O P C O V I D 1 9 . O R GThe National FOP provided memberswith a fact sheet, released by theCenters for Disease Control andPrevention, regarding information aboutthe Omicron variant of COVID-19. DECEMBER 8:COVID-19 ACTIVITYREAD MORE READ MORE

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LEARN MORE LEARN MORELEARN MORELEARN MOREWatch the latest FOP-TV episodesand hear from National FraternalOrder of Police leaders from acrossthe country as they discuss new andrelevant topics that are impactingour profession and important toleading our organization throughthese turbulent times.The Collaborative Reform InitiativeTechnical Assistance Center (CRI-TAC) provides no cost, customizedtechnical assistance solutionsdesigned to meet the unique needsof state, local, tribal, & campus lawenforcement agencies throughoutthe United States.The COPS Office awards grants tohire community policingprofessionals, develop and testinnovative policing strategies, andprovide training and technicalassistance to community members,local government leaders, and alllevels of law enforcement. The Office of Justice Programs (OJP)provides innovative leadership toFederal, state, local, and tribal justicesystems, by disseminating state-of-theart knowledge and practices, andproviding grants for theimplementation of these crimefighting strategies. MORE RESOURCES

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PP CCThe Fraternal Order of Police is committed to improving theworking conditions of law enforcement officers and the safety ofthose we serve through education, legislation, information,community involvement, and employee representation. Our challenge to you is to have each and every FOP member inyour department, lodge, and State commit $5.00 a month to theNFOP PAC. Please contact the National Legislative Office to learnabout the various ways you can contribute to the NFOP PAC.The NFOP PAC is the power behindour organization's punch on CapitolHill, representing its members inthe most effective way possible. POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEECAN YOU CHIP IN $5?DONATEClick Here

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328 MASSACHUSETTS AVE NE, WASHINGTON, D.C. 20002 PHONE: 202-547-8189 FAX: 202-547-8190TI M R IC HA RD SO NSenior Legislative Liaison JI M P AS COExecutive DirectorDA VI D TA BO HLegislative Liaison MA RK M CD ON AL DLegislative Liaison JE SS IC A CA HI LLPress Liaison MA TT B RO WNLegislative Liaison