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FOP Update - March 25, 2022

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L I S T E N T O E P I S O D ECLICK TO SUBSCRIBEOn this week's episode of the Blue View, National President Patrick Yoes satdown with John McNesby, President of the Philadelphia Fraternal Order ofPolice Lodge #5, to discuss the current state of affairs in Philadelphia, thedeadly consequences of a rogue prosecutor, and the dangers facing the menand women of the Philadelphia Police Department.National President Patrick Yoes was sworn in as a member of the U.S.Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Advisory Council and participated intheir first council meeting in Washington, D.C.National President Patrick Yoesattended the New Jersey FOP StateLodge training conference inAtlantic City, New Jersey.

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National Vice President Joe Gamaldi joined NewsNation’s Donlon Report,hosted by Joe Donlon, to discuss America's crime crisis and the nationwideissue of recruiting the best and brightest to pursue a career in lawenforcement.National President Patrick Yoes gave numerous media interviews regardinglaw enforcement line-of-duty deaths and the increase of violence towards lawenforcement officers across the country. National President Patrick Yoes attended a training session of the SouthernStates FOP Association in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.Executive Director Jim Pasco spoke with U.S. Department of HomelandSecurity (DHS) Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas regarding the HomelandSecurity Advisory Council, the ongoing threat of domestic terrorism, and theresettlement of Ukrainian refugees.

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Executive Director Jim Pasco spoke with Heather Fong, Counselor to theSecretary of Homeland Security, regarding current vacancies in the U.S.Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and ongoing border security issues.Executive Director Jim Pasco spoke with U.S. Associate Attorney GeneralVanita Gupta regarding grant programs under the Office of Justice Programs(OJP) and Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS).Executive Director Jim Pasco gave numerous media interviews regardingcriminal justice reform, the nationwide increase in violent crime, the need forfurther police funding, and staffing issues at the State and local level. Executive Director Jim Pasco also gave numerous media interviewspertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccinations, and their impact on publicsafety. The National FOP believes in the science behind the COVID-19vaccines and that vaccinations work to prevent people from becominginfected by or transmitting COVID-19. However, the National FOP continues tobelieve that whether or not to accept the vaccine is a personal decision. Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson spoke with staff in the office ofSenator Sherrod D. Brown (D-OH) regarding legislation to amend the"Healthcare Enhancement for Local Public Safety (HELPS) Retirees Act"which would repeal the “direct payment” requirement and increase theamount of the deduction from $3,000 to $6,000 per year.

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Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson and Legislative Liaison MarkMcDonald spoke with Chad Jones, Chairman of the FOP’s Federal Officers’Coalition, regarding the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) credentialingissue. Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson spoke with staff in the offices ofRepresentatives Steven J. Chabot (R-OH) and Abigail B. Spanberger (D-VA)to discuss the introduction of H.R. 7203, the “Wally Bunker HealthcareEnhancement for Local Public Safety (HELPS) Retirees Act.”Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson and Legislative Liaison MarkMcDonald spoke with staff in the office of Representative Jaime HerreraBeutler (R-WA) to discuss ideas for directing more resources to State andlocal agencies, especially in Washington State.Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson spoke with majority staff on theHouse Committee on the Judiciary to discuss pending legislation andpotential bills to be considered during National Police Week.Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson and Legislative Liaison Matt Brownrepresented the FOP on a conference call for national law enforcementorganizations with Alejandro N. Mayorkas, Secretary for the U.S. Departmentof Homeland Security (DHS), to discuss the FY22 Homeland Security GrantProgram (HSGP).

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Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson spoke with staff from the HouseCommittee on Judiciary's Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, andCivil Liberties about an upcoming hearing on qualified immunity.Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson spoke with staff in the office ofSenator John Cornyn III (R-TX) regarding draft legislation on expandingresources for State and local agencies to receive de-escalation training.Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson and Legislative Liaison MarkMcDonald met with staff in the office of Representative Donald J. Bacon (R-NE) to discuss the response of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to hisletter raising concerns about the lack of law enforcement credentials forsome civilian law enforcement officers within the DoD and to developsolutions to the issue.Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson and Legislative Liaison DavidTaboh represented the FOP at a workshop entitled “Building American LawEnforcement’s Future: Seizing Opportunity in the Current Recruitment andRetention Crisis.”Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson and Legislative Liaison DavidTaboh represented the FOP at the monthly meeting of the Public PensionNetwork.

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THE U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVESTHE UNITED STATES SENATEThe House was in a pro-forma session this week.The Senate Committee on Judiciary held a series of hearings, over a four dayperiod, on the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to replaceAssociate Justice Stephen G. Breyer on the United States Supreme Court.

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COSPONSORS71267196H.R. 82The “Law Enforcement Officers’ Equity Act" would expand the definition of "lawenforcement officer" for salary and retirement benefits to include all Federal lawenforcement officers.The “Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act” would recognize theright of law enforcement and other public safety officers to bargain collectivelywith their employers.COSPONSORS103121H.R. 3225COSPONSORS132S. 1888NOT YET INTRODUCED IN THE SENATECOSPONSORS238865H.R. 962COSPONSORS43935S. 1302The “Social Security Fairness Act” would repeal both the "Windfall EliminationProvision" and the "Government Pension Offset" in current Social Security law.+1 NEW+2 NEW+1 NEW

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The "LEOSA Reform Act" would amend the Law Enforcement Officers' Safety Act(LEOSA), exempts qualified active and retired law enforcement officers fromlocal and State prohibitions on the carriage of concealed firearms, to ensure thatthese officers are able to carry in the same venues as civilian concealed carrypermit holders in areas like schools and national parks, as well as use publictransportation and extends the exemption to magazine capacity and would allowactive and retired law enforcement officers to access services at U.S. postoffices, Social Security Administration offices or Veterans Affairs facilities.COSPONSORS220S. 1610COSPONSORS57581H.R. 1210The "Protect and Serve Act" would make it a Federal crime to target a lawenforcement officer with an assault that results in seriously bodily harm or death.COSPONSORS23230S. 774COSPONSORS66726H.R. 3079MORE RESOURCES ON OUR LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIESFULL LIST OF LEGISLATION SUPPORTED BY THE FOP

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SUBSCRIBETHE BLUE VIEWby the National Fraternal Order of PoliceNational President Patrick Yoes sits down with guests todiscuss the issues and current events surrounding thelaw enforcement community.Tune in each week to hear from law enforcement experts,elected officials, and other notable leaders!IF YOU WANT TO BE A CRIMINAL, COMETO PHILADELPHIAFeaturing John McNesbyNational President Patrick Yoes sat down with JohnMcNesby, President of the Philadelphia FOP Lodge #5,to discuss the current state of affairs in Philadelphiaand the deadly consequences of a rogue prosecutor.EPISODE #006TUESDAY, 22 MARCHPUBLIC SERVANTSFeaturing Representative Abigail SpanbergerNational President Patrick Yoes sat down withRepresentative Abigail A. Spanberger (D-VA) to discussher tireless work on Capitol Hill to ensure that lawenforcement officers and their families receive whatthey have rightfully earned and deserve.EPISODE #005TUESDAY, 15 MARCH

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National Vice President Joe Gamaldi joinedNewsNation’s Donlon Report, hosted by JoeDonlon, to discuss America's crime crisis andthe nationwide issue of recruiting the best andbrightest to pursue a career in law... WATCHJoe Gamaldi: ‘Our profession is dying’ [NewsNation]I am writing on behalf of the members of theFraternal Order of Police to advise you of oursupport for S. 3860, the “Invest to ProtectAct”... MORES. 3860, the “Invest to Protect Act”On Monday, Secretary of Homeland SecurityAlejandro N. Mayorkas swore in 33 newmembers of the Homeland Security AdvisoryCouncil... MORESecretary Mayorkas Swears in NewMembers of the Homeland SecurityAdvisory Council at First Meeting [DHS]I am writing on behalf of the members of theFraternal Order of Police to urge the U.S.Department of Justice (DOJ) to take the lead indeveloping a smart tracking system... MOREFOP Urges for the Development of aSmart Tracking System for SexualAssault Evidence Kits

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In response to the increased numbers ofshootings and thefts in New York City, as wellas a rise in quality-of-life offenses that officialssay contribute to crime and disorder... MORENYPD launching quality-of-life initiative;critics fear return to 'broken windows'[ABC 7]The president of a Little Rock, Arkansas, policeunion told Fox News the mayor's resolution todeclare crime a public health emergency was apolitical move... MOREA Democrat declared violent crime a publichealth emergency. Police union presidentcalls it a political move [Fox News]Albuquerque police leaders are speaking outafter 18-year-old Adrian Avila was released onhouse arrest... MOREAPD chief, commander speak out onrelease of murder suspect [KOB 4]Two Pennsylvania state troopers and onecivilian were killed on Monday after a car struckthem on an interstate in south Philadelphia.Pennsylvania State Police confirmed theirdeaths on Twitter, saying the three... MORETwo troopers, third person killed onhighway in Philadelphia [The Hill]

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SOCIAL SECURITYThis is About Fairness! UrgeCongress to Pass the "SocialSecurity Fairness Act."TAKE ACTIONFEDERAL OFFICERSSupport Our Federal Officers byPassing the "Law EnforcementOfficers' Equity Act."TAKE ACTIONLEOSA REFORMSupport Active and Retired LawEnforcement Officers by Passingthe "LEOSA Reform Act."TAKE ACTIONPROTECT AND SERVEUrge Congress to Protect OurPolice Officers and Pass the"Protect and Serve Act."TAKE ACTIONVACCINE MANDATESWe Must Keep Our COVID-19Heroes Employed! TellCongress to Pass S. 3079! TAKE ACTIONCOLLECTIVE BARGAININGWe Must Fight for the Right toBargain Collectively! UrgeCongress to Pass H.R. 3225.TAKE ACTION

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Been Exposed?Are You Sick?READ MOREREAD MOREVIEW A STATE-BY-STATE BREAKDOWNThe National FOP provided memberswith updated information, released bythe Centers for Disease Control andPrevention, regarding COVID-19 variants.COVID-19 Information for Law EnforcementProtecting Public Safety and HealthFRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICEMARCH 22WWW.FOPCOVID19.ORGThe National FOP provided members with information that was shared duringa White House COVID-19 ResponseTeam press briefing, where public healthofficials gave a general update on theCOVID-19 pandemic.MARCH 24READ MORE READ MORE

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LEARN MORE LEARN MORELEARN MORELEARN MOREOn the Blue View, a weekly podcastpresented by the National FraternalOrder of Police, you'll hear from lawenforcement experts, electedofficials, and other notable leadersto gain insight into the issues andcurrent events surrounding the lawenforcement community. The Collaborative Reform InitiativeTechnical Assistance Center (CRI-TAC) provides no cost, customizedtechnical assistance solutionsdesigned to meet the uniqueneeds of state, local, tribal, &campus law enforcement agenciesthroughout the United States.The COPS Office awards grants tohire community policingprofessionals, develop and testinnovative policing strategies, andprovide training and technicalassistance to community members,local government leaders, and alllevels of law enforcement. The Office of Justice Programs (OJP)provides innovative leadership toFederal, state, local, and tribal justicesystems, by disseminating state-of-theart knowledge and practices, andproviding grants for theimplementation of these crimefighting strategies.

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DONATEClick HereDONATEClick HereCAN YOU CHIP IN $5?The Fraternal Order of Police is committed to improving the workingconditions of law enforcement officers and the safety of those we servethrough education, legislation, information, community involvement, andemployee representation. The National FOP PAC is the power behind our organization's punch onCapitol Hill, representing its members in the most effective way possible.Our challenge to you is to have each and every FOP member in yourdepartment, lodge, and State commit $5.00 a month to the NFOP PAC.Please contact the National Legislative Office to learn about the variousways you can contribute to the NFOP PAC.

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TIM RICHARDSONSenior Legislative Liaison JIM PASCOExecutive DirectorMARK MCDONALDLegislative Liaison DAVID TABOHLegislative Liaison JESSICA CAHILLPress Liaison MATT BROWNLegislative Liaison