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FOP Update - July 8, 2022

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WASHINGTON WATCHN A T I O N A L F R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C E W E E K L Y U P D A T E | 8 J U L Y 2 0 2 2L E G I S L A T I V E U P D A T EJIM PASCOPATRICK YOES THE VOICE OF OUR NATION'S LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERSExecutive DirectorNational President- Subscribe to the FOP’s Weekly Update -

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@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICELEG I S LAT I V E N E W S & A CTI V I TYL I S T E N T O E P I S O D ECLICK TO SUBSCRIBENational President Patrick Yoes and National FOP Legislative Chairman MarkNelson hosted a call with members of the National Executive Board, theNational Legislative Committee, along with Senior Legislative Liaison TimRichardson and Legislative Liaison David Taboh, to discuss the launch of anintense grassroots effort to get additional cosponsors for H.R. 82, the “SocialSecurity Fairness Act.” The bill needs eight additional cosponsors and, if thatgoal is achieved, the legislation will be forced to a floor vote.On this week's episode of the Blue View, National President Patrick Yoes satdown with Rick Snyder, National FOP Chaplain and Indianapolis FOPPresident, to discuss how faith and resiliency can go hand-in-hand with a lawenforcement officer's overall wellness – especially at such a difficult andstrenuous time for law enforcement.

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@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICELEG I S LAT I V E N E W S & A CTI V I TYExecutive Director Jim Pasco spoke with Vanessa Chen, Special Assistant tothe President for Criminal Justice and Guns, about criminal justice reform andthe new firearms legislation.National President Patrick Yoes gave numerous media interviews regardinglaw enforcement line-of-duty deaths and the increase of violence towards lawenforcement officers across the country. Executive Director Jim Pasco spoke with Vanita Gupta, Associate U.S.Attorney General, regarding current vacancies in the U.S. Department ofJustice, particularly in the Offices of Justice Programs and CommunityOriented Policing Services (COPS).Executive Director Jim Pasco spoke with Kenneth L. Wainstein,Undersecretary of Homeland Security for Intelligence and Analysis, regardingdomestic terrorism issues.Executive Director Jim Pasco gave numerous media interviews regarding thenew firearms legislation as well as active shooter incidents.National President Patrick Yoes participated in a planning meeting regardingthe development of a nationwide health trust.

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@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICELEG I S LAT I V E N E W S & A CTI V I TYAt the suggestion of the FOP, staff in the offices of Representatives RodneyL. Davis (R-IL) and Spanberger hosted an “all hands” conference call, which Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson and Legislative Liaison DavidTaboh participated in, to share information and a specific list of HouseMembers to contact and request that they cosponsor H.R. 82.Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson participated in a stakeholder callwith staff in the office of Senator L. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) to discuss howbest to move forward on H.R. 6943/S. 3635, the “Public Safety OfficerSupport Act.”Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson participated in a stakeholder callwith staff in the office of Representative Val V. Demings (D-FL) to discussfuture floor action on H.R. 5768, the “Violent Incident Clearance andTechnological Investigative Methods Act.” The bill is likely to be listed on thesuspension calendar this month.Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson was in communication withnumerous Senate Judiciary Committee staff on H.R. 6943/S. 3635.Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson and Legislative Liaison DavidTaboh participated in a stakeholder call with staff in the office ofRepresentative Abigail A. Spanberger (D-VA) on the current push to get morecosponsors on H.R.82.

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@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICECOSPONSORS79282203H.R. 82The “Law Enforcement Officers’ Equity Act" would expand the definition of "lawenforcement officer" for salary and retirement benefits to include all Federal lawenforcement officers.The “Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act” would recognize theright of law enforcement and other public safety officers to bargain collectivelywith their employers.LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS’ EQUITYSOCIAL SECURITY FAIRNESSCOLLECTIVE BARGAINING RIGHTSCOSPONSORS103222H.R. 3225COSPONSORS143S. 1888NOT YET INTRODUCED IN THE SENATECOSPONSORS2510277H.R. 962COSPONSORS44036S. 1302TOP L EGI S L ATI V E PR I O RIT I E SThe “Social Security Fairness Act” would repeal both the "Windfall EliminationProvision" and the "Government Pension Offset" in current Social Security law.+1 NEW

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@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICEThe "LEOSA Reform Act" would amend the Law Enforcement Officers' Safety Act(LEOSA), exempts qualified active and retired law enforcement officers fromlocal and State prohibitions on the carriage of concealed firearms, to ensure thatthese officers are able to carry in the same venues as civilian concealed carrypermit holders in areas like schools and national parks, as well as use publictransportation and extends the exemption to magazine capacity and would allowactive and retired law enforcement officers to access services at U.S. postoffices, Social Security Administration offices or Veterans Affairs facilities.LEOSA REFORMCOSPONSORS220S. 1610COSPONSORS58591H.R. 1210PROTECT AND SERVEThe "Protect and Serve Act" would make it a Federal crime to target a lawenforcement officer with an assault that results in seriously bodily harm or death.COSPONSORS23230S. 774COSPONSORS80877H.R. 3079MORE RESOURCES ON OUR LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIESFULL LIST OF LEGISLATION SUPPORTED BY THE FOPLEG I S LAT I V E P R I ORI T I ES

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@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICEBLU E VIE W POD C A STFeaturing U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro MayorkasThe U.S. Department of HomelandSecurity is responsible for defending ourcountry at the border and throughout theinterior. To do so, DHS has over 240,000employees, with more that 140,000 are inlaw enforcement positions... MORECRIME SURGE, BORDER CRISIS AND TERRORISMSUBSCRIBETHE BLUE VIEW PODCASTNational President Patrick Yoes sits down with guests todiscuss the issues and current events surrounding the lawenforcement community. Each week you'll hear from lawenforcement experts, elected officials, and notable leaders!Featuring FOP Chaplain Rick SnyderLaw enforcement officers are ordinarypeople called to do extraordinary thingsat times. They are human beings who arenot immune to experiencing a range ofemotions that can come due to the natureof this profession... MOREFAITH AND RESILIENCY

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@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICEFOP N EWS R O OMICYMI: FOP Monthly Update: OfficersShot and Killed The National Fraternal Order of Police reportsthat as of 30 June, there have been 178 officersshot so far in 2022, 33 of whom were killed bygunfire. There have been 35 ambush... MoreH.R. 6943, the “Public Safety OfficerSupport Act”National President Patrick Yoes sent a letter toSenators Schumer and McConnell to urge theSenate to consider H.R. 6943, the “Public SafetyOfficer Support Act”... MoreThere have been 178 officers shot in the line ofduty in 2022, the National Fraternal Order ofPolice reported Friday, representing a 19%increase year to date over last year... MOREAttacks against police skyrocketingacross the country; 178 officers shot sofar this year [Washington Times]U.S. Capitol Police arrested a man who had twoMolotov cocktails in Washington, D.C.,Wednesday after the suspect allegedly threwone of them at an officer, police said... MOREDC Man Arrested After Throwing MolotovCocktail at Officers: Capitol Police [NBC Washington]

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MAKE Y URVOICE HEARD@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICEFOP A CTI O N CE N T ERSOCIAL SECURITYThis is About Fairness! UrgeCongress to Pass the "SocialSecurity Fairness Act"TAKE ACTIONFEDERAL OFFICERSSupport Our Federal Officers byPassing the "Law EnforcementOfficers' Equity Act"TAKE ACTIONLEOSA REFORMSupport Active and Retired LawEnforcement Officers by Passingthe "LEOSA Reform Act"TAKE ACTIONPROTECT AND SERVEUrge Congress to Protect OurPolice Officers and Pass the"Protect and Serve Act"TAKE ACTIONHELPER ACTSupport Law Enforcement! Tell Congress to Pass H.R. 3172/S. 2981TAKE ACTIONCOLLECTIVE BARGAININGWe Must Fight for the Right toBargain Collectively! UrgeCongress to Pass H.R. 3225TAKE ACTION

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Been Exposed?Are You Sick?VIEW A STATE-BY-STATE BREAKDOWNCOVID-19 Information for Law EnforcementProtecting Public Safety and HealthFRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICEWW W.F OPC OVID1 9.O RGOFFICERS HAVE DIED DUE TO COVID-19AS OF 8 JULY 2022COVID-19 VaccineMandates in PublicSector EmploymentQUESTIONS & ANSWERSREAD MORE READ MOREPOLICY STATEMENTCOVID-19 VaccineRequirements andMandates@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICECOV I D -19 A CTI V I TYREAD MOREAs COVID cases have declined and restrictions have been eased, there havebeen fewer newsworthy developments regarding the state of the pandemicand available resources germane to law enforcement. For this reason, thiswebsite will no longer be updated on a regular basis, but we will certainlyprovide any new and relevant information as it becomes available.JULY 8

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@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICELEARN MORE LEARN MORELEARN MORELEARN MOREOn the Blue View, a weekly podcastpresented by the National FraternalOrder of Police, you'll hear from lawenforcement experts, electedofficials, and other notable leadersto gain insight into the issues andcurrent events surrounding the lawenforcement community. The Collaborative Reform InitiativeTechnical Assistance Center (CRI-TAC) provides no cost, customizedtechnical assistance solutionsdesigned to meet the uniqueneeds of state, local, tribal, &campus law enforcement agenciesthroughout the United States.The COPS Office awards grants tohire community policingprofessionals, develop and testinnovative policing strategies, andprovide training and technicalassistance to community members,local government leaders, and alllevels of law enforcement. The Office of Justice Programs (OJP)provides innovative leadership toFederal, state, local, and tribal justicesystems, by disseminating state-of-theart knowledge and practices, andproviding grants for theimplementation of these crimefighting strategies. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICEOFFICE OF JUSTICEPROGRAMSADD I T ION A L RE S O URC E S

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@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICEDONATEClick HereDONATEClick HerePOL I T ICA L ACT I O N C O M MIT T E ECAN YOU CHIP IN $5?The Fraternal Order of Police is committed to improving the workingconditions of law enforcement officers and the safety of those we servethrough education, legislation, information, community involvement, andemployee representation. The National FOP PAC is the power behind our organization's punch onCapitol Hill, representing its members in the most effective way possible.Our challenge to you is to have each and every FOP member in yourdepartment, lodge, and State commit $5.00 a month to the NFOP PAC.Please contact the National Legislative Office to learn about the variousways you can contribute to the NFOP PAC.

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@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICETIM RICHARDSONSenior Legislative Liaison JIM PASCOExecutive DirectorMARK MCDONALDLegislative Liaison DAVID TABOHLegislative Liaison MATT BROWNLegislative Liaison 328 MASSACHUSETTS AVE NE, WASHINGTON, D.C. 20002PHONE: 202-547-8189 ▪ FAX: 202-547-8190W A S H I N G T O N D . C . S T A F F