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FOP Update - 10 February 2023

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WASHINGTON WATCHN A T I O N A L F R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C E W E E K L Y U P D A T E | 1 0 F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 3L E G I S L A T I V E U P D A T EJIM PASCOPATRICK YOES THE VOICE OF OUR NATION'S LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERSExecutive DirectorNational President- Subscribe to the FOP’s Weekly Update -

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LEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE @GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNational President Patrick Yoes worked out of the Steve Young LegislativeAdvocacy Center (SYLAC) in Washington, D.C. this week.National President Patrick Yoes, members of the National Legislative Committee,Executive Director Jim Pasco and staff from the SYLAC kicked off the NationalFOP's 2023 Day On The Hill with a Legislative Briefing at D.C. Lodge #1.

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LEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE @GLFOP@FOPNATIONALLISTEN TO EPISODE CLICK TO SUBSCRIBEOn this week's episode of the Blue View Podcast, National President Patrick Yoessat down with Jim Bugel, President of FirstNet by AT&T, to discuss the life-savingconnectivity for public safety during the most intense situations.National President Patrick Yoes and Legislation Liaisons Mark McDonald and AsaRender attended a meeting with the Federal Officers' Coalition.National President Patrick Yoes attended a Subcommittee briefing of the U.S.Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council.National President Patrick Yoes and Members of the Executive Board traveled toNashville, Tennessee to participate in the National FOP's Leadership Matterstraining, which offers FOP leaders the opportunity to learn the skills to become amore successful leader and acquire the tools needed to represent their members.

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LEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE @GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNational President Patrick Yoes gave numerous media interviews regarding lawenforcement challenges on the horizon and the recruitment and retention crisis.National President Yoes sat down with Fox News to discuss the National FOP'sdata which shows a surge in the number of officers shot in the line of duty.National President Patrick Yoes attended the Florida State FOP's Board ofTrustees Meeting in Atlantic Beach, Florida.National President Patrick Yoesparticipated in a meeting with theMemorial Committee and theNational FOP Auxiliary to plan outall the moving parts of the NationalPeace Officers' Memorial Service tobe held on 15 May 2023 on the WestFront of the United States Capitol inWashington, D.C.National President Patrick Yoes participated in a meeting with Connecticut StateFOP Board Members to discuss potential lodge expansion.National President Patrick Yoesrecorded numerous podcast episodes,including one with Representative James"Jim" E. Banks (R-IN), which focused onhis recently introduced legislation thatwould codify qualified immunity.

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LEGISLATIVE NEWS & ACTIVITYNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE @GLFOP@FOPNATIONALSenior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson met with staff inthe office of Representative Kevin O. McCarthy (R-CA) todiscuss FOP priorities.Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson spoke extensivelywith staff in the office of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), RankingMember on the Committee on Commerce, Science, andTransportation, about the FOP’s strong opposition to thenomination of Gigi B. Sohn to join the FederalCommunications Commission as a Commissioner.Executive Director Jim Pasco spoke with U.S. Associate Attorney General Vanita Guptaregarding criminal justice reform.Executive Director Jim Pasco spoke with Marvin G. Richardson, Deputy Director of theBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), regarding the surge in violentcrime across the United States.

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LEGI SLAT IVE NEWS & A CTIV ITYNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE @GLFOP@FOPNATIONALSenior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson spoke with staff inthe office of Representative Donald J. Bacon (R-NE) aboutH.R. 354, the “LEOSA Reform Act.”Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson spoke with staff inthe office of Representative Abigail D. Spanberger (D-VA)about her pending introduction of the “Public Safety RetireesHealthcare Protection Act.”Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson and Legislative Liaison Mark McDonaldattended a briefing on advancing public safety, police accountability, and criminaljustice reform, which was hosted by the White House Office of Political Strategy andOutreach.Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson and Legislative Liaison Asa Renderrepresented the FOP on a video conference call with White House staff to be briefed onthe Administration’s plan on Beating the Opioid and Overdose Epidemic & Tackling theMental Health Crisis.

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THIS WEE K IN WAS HING TONTHE WHITE HOUSE@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICEPresident Joseph R. Biden, Jr. gave his second State of the Union address at theU.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. In his remarks, the President addressed lawenforcement issues, police reform, and the recent death of Tyre Nichols."We know police officers puttheir lives on the line everysingle night and day. And weknow we ask them, in manycases, to do too much — to becounselors, social workers,psychologists — respondingto drug overdoses, mentalhealth crises, and so muchmore. In one sense, we askmuch too much of them."- President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.State of the Union Address

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THE U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVESTHIS WEE K IN WAS HING TON@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICEThe House passed H.J. Resolution 26 on an 250-173 vote. The resolution, whichthe FOP supports, disapproves of the Revised Criminal Code Act (RCCA) of 2022enacted by the council of the District of Columbia, was transmitted to the Senatefor further action. If adopted by the Senate, it would need the President'ssignature in order for the RCCA to not become law.THE UNITED STATES SENATEThe Senate Committee on the Judiciary advanced numerous judicial nominees.The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability held a hearing entitled"Protecting Speech from Government Interference and Social Media Bias, Part 1:Twitter's Role in Suppressing the Biden Laptop Story."The House Committee on the Judiciary Select Subcommittee on theWeaponization of the Federal Government held a hearing entitled “Hearing on theWeaponization of the Federal Government.”

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TOP LEGI SLAT IVE PRIO RITI ES@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICESOCIAL SECURITY FAIRNESS ACTThis bill would repeal both the "Windfall Elimination Provision" and the "Government PensionOffset" in current Social Security law.LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS’ EQUITY ACTThis bill would expand the definition of "law enforcement officer" for salary and retirementbenefits to include all Federal law enforcement officers.COLLECTIVE BARGAINING RIGHTSThe “Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act” would recognize the right of lawenforcement and other public safety officers to bargain collectively with their employers.LEOSA REFORM ACTThe bill would amend the Law Enforcement Officers' Safety Act (LEOSA), exempting qualifiedactive and retired law enforcement officers from local and State prohibitions on the carriage ofconcealed firearms, to ensure that these officers are able to carry in the same venues as civilianconcealed carry permit holders and extends the exemption to magazine capacity. It would allowactive and retired law enforcement to access services at some Federal buildings and offices.PROTECT AND SERVE ACTThe bill would make it a Federal crime to target a law enforcement officer with an assault thatresults in seriously bodily harm or death.MORE RESOURCES LIST OF BILLS SUPPORTEDNOT YET INTRODUCED IN THE SENATENOT YET INTRODUCED IN THE HOUSE NOT YET INTRODUCED IN THE SENATENOT YET INTRODUCED IN THE HOUSE NOT YET INTRODUCED IN THE SENATENOT YET INTRODUCED IN THE SENATEH.R. 82143 COSPONSORSR: 42 D: 101H.R. 35424 COSPONSORSR: 24 D: 0NOT YET INTRODUCED IN THE SENATEH.R. 7435 COSPONSORSR: 2 D: 3

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FOP NEWS ROOM@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICENational President Patrick Yoes sent a letter torepresentatives Rutherford, Gottheimer, Stefanik,Ruppersberger, Stauber, and Golden in support of H.R.743, the “Protect and Serve Act"... MoreH.R. 743, the “Protect and Serve Act”National President Patrick Yoes sent a letter to SpeakerMcCarthy and Representatives Jeffries, Scalise, and Clarkin support of H.J. Res. 26, a resolution... MoreH.J. Res. 26, a resolution disapproving theadoption of the Revised Criminal Code Act (RCCA)of 2022 by the Washington, D.C. City CouncilThe House approved a pair of resolutions on Thursdaythat disapprove of the District of Columbia’s bill onnoncitizen voting and its criminal code, as part of an effortto block the nation’s capital from enforcing the... MoreHouse passes resolutions to block DC noncitizenvoting bill, criminal code [The Hill]A heartwarming moment caught on police bodycam inMichigan is reminding people they are not alone. TwoMacomb County, Michigan deputies shared a warmembrace and a kind word with a community... MoreMichigan deputy shares warm embrace with manfeeling overwhelmed with life [Fox News]Patrick Yoes, National President of the Fraternal Order ofPolice, blasted the nomination of Gigi B. Sohn to serve asa Commissioner on the Federal CommunicationsCommission (FCC) ahead of next week’s confirmationhearing before the Senate Committee... MoreNational FOP Blasts FCC Nominee… Again

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BLUE VIE W PO DCAS TLISTEN NOWMISSION CRITICAL: COMMUNICATINGWHEN THE GRID GOES DOWNwith FirstNet President Jim BugelFor law enforcement, the importance ofcommunications systems cannot beoverstated. From conducting a search for amissing person in a remote area to trying tokeep the peace after a disaster when thegrid is down, law enforcement officersrespond to all sorts of emergencies... MORELISTEN NOWON A MISSION TO HONOR OURFALLEN HEROESwith Zechariah and Chad CartledgeNational FOP President Patrick Yoes sitsdown with a remarkable young man,Zechariah Cartledge, the founder of Running 4 Heroes. Joining them is ChadCartledge, Zechariah's father and CEO ofRunning 4 Heroes... MORETHE BLUE VIEW PODCASTSUBSCRIBE@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE

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LEARN MORE LEARN MORELEARN MORELEARN MOREOn the Blue View, a weekly podcastpresented by the National FraternalOrder of Police, you'll hear fromlaw enforcement experts, electedofficials, and other notable leadersto gain insight into the issues andcurrent events surrounding the lawenforcement community. The Collaborative Reform InitiativeTechnical Assistance Center (CRI-TAC) provides no cost, customizedtechnical assistance solutionsdesigned to meet the unique needsof state, local, tribal, & campus lawenforcement agencies throughoutthe United States.The COPS Office awards grants tohire community policingprofessionals, develop and testinnovative policing strategies, andprovide training and technicalassistance to community members,local government leaders, and alllevels of law enforcement. The Office of Justice Programs (OJP)provides innovative leadership toFederal, state, local, and tribal justicesystems, by disseminating state-of-the art knowledge and practices, andproviding grants for theimplementation of these crimefighting strategies. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICEOFFICE OF JUSTICEPROGRAMSADDI TION AL R ESOU RCES@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE

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DONATEClick HereDONATEClick HereCAN YOU CHIP IN $5?The Fraternal Order of Police is committed to improving the working conditionsof law enforcement officers and the safety of those we serve through education,legislation, information, community involvement, and employee representation. The National FOP Political Action Committee (NFOP PAC) is the power behindour organization's punch on Capitol Hill, representing its members in the mosteffective way possible.Our challenge to you is to have each and every FOP member in your department,lodge, and State commit $5.00 a month to the NFOP PAC. Please contact theNational Legislative Office to learn about the various ways you can contribute tothe NFOP PAC. POLI TICA L AC TION COM MITT EE@GLFOP@FOPNATIONALNATIONAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE

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