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Qualified ImmunityGrassroots Public Relations and Media TalkFeaturingPatrick YoesNational PresidentJessica CahillNFOP Media CoordinatorGary KoopsShadwell Global PartnersMonique TapieShadwell Global PartnersJake NovakProducer/ReporterNever has it been as important as now to have our voices heard. Thisnot only ensures the safety and betterment of our law enforcementofficers, but most importantly that of the communities we serve. We have made a concentrated effort to improve our community and media relations efforts to allow the FOP a stronger share of voice and for a more transparent and accurate depiction of who we are as an organization, and of who we are as law enforcement officers. The objective is to help our FOP State and Local leaders either enhance or develop community and media relations efforts in a unified manner.

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“Keeping Resilience Front and Center”The law enforcement profession brings with it inherent stressors from the expected day-to-day activities. Never before have we seen the challenges that we are facing today. That's why it is more important now than ever to make sure we are keeping resilience front and center in our lives. Tune in as National FOP President Patrick Yoes and National FOP Wellness Director Sherri Martin discuss the many resources available to law enforcement officers to maintain wellness and resiliency in the field and beyond.FeaturingPatrick YoesNational PresidentSherri MartinDirector of Wellness ServicesTime: 19:34

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Community and Media Relations ToolkitFeaturingPatrick YoesNational PresidentJessica CahillNFOP Media CoordinatorKent JarrellNFOP Media ConsultantGary KoopsShadwell Global PartnersMonique TapieShadwell Global PartnersTime: 21:30The National FOP is continuously working to improve how we communicate and looking for new ways to better ourselves for our members and the communities we serve. While we believe that we are stronger when we unify our message and when speaking with one voice, we also believe that communication and outreach decisions are best made by our leaders at the State and Local Lodge levels. No oneknows their communities better than those that serve and protect at the local level.The National FOP is approaching the perception challenges we all face by providing tools that will elevate and unify our communication, better our relations with the communities we serve, and have a positive impact on police reform. Watch this video and review the linked document and let's speak with one voice as we light a path forward.Click here to download the Community and Media Relations Toolkit

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CRI-TAC PartnershipThe Fraternal Order of Police has partnered with several other law enforcement organizations to ensure that our law enforcement professionals get the training they need, when they need it! Good training is paramount to good policing and we are doing everything we can to make sure that it happens. Want to learn more about the CRI-TAC program and how your agency can take advantage of it? Tune in here for more!FeaturingPatrick YoesNational PresidentKeith TurneyNational Sgt.-at-ArmsTime: 20:59

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FOP Nationwide HealthcareOpen enrollment is underway for the FOP Aetna Medicare program. Working directly with Aetna, the NFOP has negotiatedfour Medicare options at a reduced rate since we have eliminated broker fees. Also discussed are the plans for a nationwide pre-65 healthcare plan and the process to establish this exciting new benefit. Resource documents mentioned in the video can be found in the NFOP app under the Resources tab.FeaturingPatrick YoesNational PresidentRob PrideNFOP Chairman of TrusteesSteve GervasioFOP Aetna Benefits CoordinatorTime: 29.58

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Collective Bargaining & ArbitrationCollective bargaining and binding arbitration are terms that are often misunderstood by officers and the public they serve. Tune in as President Yoes, Legal Counsel Larry James and NFOP Labor Services Director Tim Mullaney discuss the details of collective bargaining and how it can better serve you, the officer, and the public we serve! Resource documents mentioned in the video can be found in the NFOP app under the Resources tab.FeaturingPatrick YoesNational PresidentLarry JamesNFOP General CounselTim MullaneyNFOP Director ofLabor ServicesTime: 29.58

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Civilian OversightFeaturingPatrick YoesNational PresidentLarry JamesNFOP General CounselTime: 14:25With so many of our Local and State Lodges seeking guidanceon this topic as they face the implementation of these boards in their cities, our NFOP Legal Counsel, Larry James, at the direction of President Yoes, headed up a civilian review task force to develop a standardized model policy to provide a roadmap for those lodges to navigate this challenging position. Tune in as President Yoes and Larry James discuss the high points of this task force and the report generated from it. Resource documents mentioned in the video can be found in the NFOP app under the Resources tab.

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Qualified ImmunityFeaturingPatrick YoesNational PresidentLarry JamesNFOP General CounselTime: 15:41In these challenging times, we are seeing more attacks on the law enforcement profession than ever before. Many of them are absent fact and reason. One of those attacks is the removal of qualified immunity for those who selflessly serve their communities. Tune in as President Yoes and Legal Counsel Larry James discuss the details of qualified immunity and present the facts that are not often discussed in the media so we can all have a better understanding of how qualified immunity does absolutely nothing to protect bad cops! Resource documents mentioned in the video can be found in the NFOP app under the Resources tab.